You can’t have Rainbows without the Rain…

The Universe is desperate for you to follow your dreams. You will be surrounded by all the support you need if you choose to see life that way. So many live their life in fear. It’s such a rare moment when one of us wakes up and decides to plunge into the abyss of the unknown that the Universe will rejoice & provide everything you need for a successful journey. There will be obstacles, so it’s your job to decide how to react to each challenge. I promise you if you keep pressing on you will be pleasantly surprised to find out what lies just on the other side of every perceived “failure.”

I’ve been given a few tests at the beginning of my journey. Yesterday was definitely a test of patience. My heart dropped when several caring/concerned texts and v-mails from loving friends and family popped up as I turned my phone back on after landing in LAX.  My flight had been cancelled and the Fiji international airports were closed due to flooding and cyclones… I had to quickly come up with a plan B, so I rerouted myself straight to New Zealand. The Air Pacific counter didn’t open until 4, so I spent the day exploring the city with my bestest California gal, Yung Vay & my new buddy Dann Guinto.

We had burgers at the Standing Room restaurant/liquor store and then walked all around the Redondo Pier, soaking up the sun, the waves and saw fresh sea urchins moving their little tentacles while being cut open like a coconut by the local fisherman…so sad.

Hoping to rescue my bag back in time, I headed back to the airport. 10 hours later after fighting with Air Pacific I finally located my bag & booked a flight to New Zealand leaving Monday at 10pm PST…So, slight delay, but on the bright side I got to hang with my west coast peeps & I already have several CouchSurfing hosts lined up in Auckland so it’s all good. We made it to the Hollywood sign and considered it a win for the trip.

Lessons learned:
* Always check the weather, travel alerts/warnings
* Purchase insurance on all flights purchased through a 3rd party (budget air, kayak, etc)
* Be open minded and don’t sweat the small stuff…it’s all small stuff
*  You can never plan for everything,
* Always be ready to come up with a plan B, or already have one in place

Now I’m sitting  on the plane to Auckland about to explode with excitement! I love it when a plans unfolds as it should. I have a good feeling for the rest of this journey and am excited to see what the future holds! New Zealand here I come!

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