2016! Stand in your own Power

Keeping the tradition alive.
No resolutions, only to-do lists to make #2016 the best year in the history of ever!

Reflecting on the year past: challenge, change, growth, uncertainty, adventure, deep connection.

Moving into the year ahead with excitement, hope and an open heart to everything magical.


List #1 – Be Happy, Be Bright, Be you!

* Create Balance – Get organized, sleep more
* Gypsy Adventures TV show/website
* Teach a regular yoga class – weekly/monthly
* Amazing Race – Feeling Lucky
* 30-60 minute yoga flow home practice – 3 times a week
* Stop extending yourself to those that don’t appreciate you
* Enrich 1 new person’s life every day
* Regularly practice Acro Yoga (find a partner)
* Read the books on my bookshelf
* Cross off 3 bucket list items
* Give more – Find a cause/person you believe in and offer consistent support
* Paint new masterpieces

List #2 – Work Hard, Play Hard
* Do less with more focus
* Get a raise $
* Promote more positive social connection
* Learn one new skill/tool a month
* Rosetta Stone – Become fluent by July 2017
* Find new solutions for reoccurring issues
* Listen to 5 TED talks a month
* Hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection
* Certification – Graphic Design/Video/Website

List #3 – Love
* Learn to Love yourself fully, deeply, unconditionally 💜💛💚💙💗.
2016: Take care of business by taking care of you. This is my resolution, my intention, my affirmation of the year. I take care of business by taking care of me. I’ve been working to the point of draining myself all throughout the past year. There is always so much to do, so much to create. No time to stop working.
2016. I choose to stand in my own power – with love. This year is for setting roots. For slow, steady movement. For being in one place. For loving my body. For abundance, for trust, for releasing resentment anchored in the past. For appreciating every moment of every day. For being instead of becoming. For my tribe. Thank you life for the lessons. For the beauty. For the love.

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