Turning dreams into reality!

Picture it! A television show with a modernized version of  Travel.
It’d be a combination of No Reservations, Man vs. Wild,  Wild on! E! with Brooke Burke, Departures, NusetCulottes and Globe Trekker……

The show: Gypsy Adventures!  The host: Yours truly! Sydney Duarte aka The Traveling Gypsy

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I’ve been infected by the “travel bug” since I was a little girl. I loved National Geographic, Discovery channel, Travel Channel. Anything that dealt with other countries, people, animals and cultures had me entranced. The adventurer/explorer part is who I have always been. My parents tell stories from my younger years, climbing the highest trees/buildings to sit on the roof and look at the stars. If it wasn’t high, it wasn’t fun. Bringing home any animal I could find, snakes, bats, raccoons…fangs or not, I had to keep it. Hanging out by the train tracks near the river waiting to grab the back ladder of the caboose and ride for a while, building forts and camping in the woods for days on end with my little brother. As I grow older, my taste for adventure has enhanced quite a bit; running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain for San Fermin’s, trekking volcanoes in Guatemala to roast marshmallows over lava, scuba diving the coral reef of Madagascar, Riding elephants in Thailand, Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, the list goes on and on. I crave adventure and know that working in an office day in and day out is not where I’m meant to be.
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As many of you know, my mind never stops. I have so many ideas and dreams. I live to try new things and brighten others’s lives. I love to explore, touch and taste and smell everything! Being out in the wilderness soothes my soul and embracing other cultures helps me enhance my knowledge and understanding of the world. When I find those magical hidden places that many others miss along the way…it is complete bliss.
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If my gut says “go” I “go.” I’d rather live a life of “oh wells” than what ifs. I always end up regretting not going with my intuition from past experiences where I have had second thoughts. So I decided several years ago to live a life with no regrets. My journey has molded me for the greater good, and so far it has been exactly what it needed to be. Every so often the thought crosses my mind, that I have lost time but then I remember it takes each and every situation you encounter to bring you to the now, and now is right on time!

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And now is the time to become a TV host! My adventurous and explorative personality will make for an entertaining show. I like to keep my mind and body in constant motion and love anything that gets my adrenaline pumping. I productively handle any rapidly changing situations that I encounter and can navigate through remote areas. I never meet a stranger and as you can see from my sites listed below, behind or in front of the lens, I am in love with the camera!


I am always prepared to inspire and motivate others and would love an opportunity to show the world what I have to offer. I have faced many challenges, encountered numerous opportunities and people who have been instrumental in shaping my life. I have worked hard for everything that I have and all of these experiences keep me light hearted and eager to learn about the world around me. I have picked up many tips and tricks along my travels about culture, history, mannerisms, food and language. Each time I travel to a new country the locals that I meet are usually under the impression that Americans are uniformed about the World that lies beyond the US borders. I would like to help change that preconceived notion and help educate and inspire people about the World around us and teach them to embrace other cultures and give them a chance to look at life in a whole new perspective… possibly inspire them to get out of their comfort zones and travel to new places.

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My 2012 World venture took me through, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Singapore, South Africa, Madagascar, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Guatemala. Some of it was planned and some destinations were very impromptu….All of it was absolutely incredible! I travelled alone and couch surfed and camped the whole trip. I met so many amazing people along the way and would like to base the show on allowing the viewers to see each destination that I visit through the eyes of the locals. Go on adventures with me as I am taken to the “hidden” spots that tourists don’t normally know exist, taste new foods, learn new trades, dance new dances, speak new languages…  From the sea floor to the highest mountain peak, I want to cover it all and explore it all!

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I’ve been to 26 countries throughout my life so far and would love to increase that number exponentially! I am ready to turn these dreams into a reality. I hope you all will join me 🙂  If you have any ideas, thoughts for the show, Things you’d like to see me do/eat, places you’d like me to explore/learn about, please leave a comment below.

Love & Light!

Don’t be delicate. Be vast and brilliant!

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week! Just wanted to share a little positive thinking

Be vast and brilliant

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle. Have faith and a burning desire to keep on going no matter what happens. Life may not always turn out as you had planned, but it’s like a camera; Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if it goes wrong…Take another shot. If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t then don’t, but choose what is worth fighting for and stick with your decision. If times are tough, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, keep going. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm and every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise. Do what you feel in your heart to be right for you’ll be criticized anyway.

Each day holds possibilities for great discoveries and hidden joy. What appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make. Believe in your ability to make great things happen. Turn your cant’s into cans and your dreams into plans.

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