Happy International CouchSurfing Day!

To all of the amazing people that I’ve met along my journeys & the people I’ve met through this amazing community…One of the things I appreciate about traveling is the immediacy in which decisions and consequences play out. Also, the fact that these happen among strangers who don’t have any responsibility towards each other. There are rare moments that you meet someone who is on the same page as you and you feel like you’ve lived a lifetime together. Sometimes, you find a soul mate and it doesn’t matter if you never see them again, the experiences that you share together are unforgettable. I’ve found myself in wonderful and unexpected company and I hold each of you near & dear to my heart ♥ Each country has held new friendly faces, incredible destinations, amazing experiences, delicious (and disgusting) foods, new traditions, languages and memories. This short post is just a quick recap on my ventures over the last couple of months. Love and light to everyone that has crossed my path along the way 🙂  Happy International CouchSurfing Day!  


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