Some cause happiness wherever they go; Others whenever they go…

G’day! How ya’ going? Cheers! No Worries! are a few phrases you hear as you pass through the lively streets of Sydney. Street markets filled with tantalizing dishes, handmade crafts, incredibly gifted buskers… You can find a wide variety of artists that make entire murals from a single ink pen, to a guy playing “singing in the rain” on glass bottles filled with water and a set of wooden spoons. There are tons of cool sights to see, and neighborhoods to check out. I’ve been told by the locals that each neighborhood (Newtown, Paddington, King’s Cross, etc.) holds a different group of people and you can pretty much be “summed” and placed into which hood you belong to just by the way that you dress or the bicycle you ride. The city offers all kind of cultural stimuli, a comparatively healthy economy, beaches and mountains in near range…such a wonderful compilation of all of the things your heart could desire.

Whether you’re a backpacker looking to enjoy a few beers with new friends, a couple seeking a romantic seafood dinner, or a family with a fondness for IMAX movies, chances are you’ll find it at Darling Harbour, it something for everyone. There’s something special about being by the water that turns a regular nightlife district into a unique environment.
 The Rocks is a hot spot for many local Aussies. It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. This historic, cobblestoned neighborhood came about in the late 18th century when European settlers first stepped foot in Australia and the buildings have since been turned into a wide array of restaurants, bars, shops and museums.

Bondi Beach is one of the most well known surf spots in Australia, if not the world. Large waves and strong riptides mean it’s not the best place to learn to surf, however the wide expanse of beach coupled with pretty views, ensure visitors can enjoy the atmosphere whether or not they get in the water.

If laying out in the sun and working on your tan isn’t a priority, then you can get some exercise walking the popular coastal route from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach.  Along the way, you’ll pass a series of secluded beaches and surf spots. Always bring sun protection, exposure in the beautiful “Land down Under” can be brutal. Regardless what you enjoy you will find something just for you in this glitzy party-loving heart of modern Australia.

Some of my favorite spots in Sydney are:

Sydney Opera House
The view of Sydney’s skyline from Darling Harbour
Circular Quay
Manly Beach
Sydney fish market

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