We do not remember the days. We remember the moments – Recap of 2011

Unforgettable moments from 2011:
* Blink Blink * – Don’t cry because it’s over, simle because it happened
* What’s Poppin’ !?! – Defeat of the girl from the worng side of the tracks *
Favorite Sayings used by the gals & I:
* Don’t judge me *
* Be Present *
* Trifecta & Passionistas *
Favorite moments from 2011:
* Tracy E. Wilson & I – backup singers for Marty Brown @ Jackelope Jack’s for her B–day
* Fat Tuesday celebration at Boudreux’s – sobriety on Bikes
* Art gatherings at Amelie’s… A French Bakery to Create art for arts sake for the Papergirl- Charlotte watch video here (http://vimeo.com/28017678)
* The beginning of Traveling Gypsy Art – Gallery Crawls & All Arts Market outings
* Mud volleyball at the Murphy’s Dirty 30 Mud Volleyball Tournament 2011 for Habitat for Humanity http://www.habitatmudvolleyball.org/2011/about/
* The BIG 25! Quarter of a Century month long B-Day celebration
* Truly embracing my inner yogi at Noda Yoga
* Summer Concerts – 311, Sublime, Born Under Punches
* Participating in  A collaborative mosaic of 100 contributing local Charlotte artists to benefit the American Cancer Society www.projectartaid.org
* Straight Ballin’ & Balls in yo face – The two Kickball teams I was on
* Brad Pressley teaching me how to properly rave
* Girls Night Out at the NC Music Factory & Comedy Zone to see Anjelah Johnson‘s Bon Qui Qui
* Layover in Atlanta with Sainabou Njie on my way to the Scrapbooking convention in Syracuse, NY
* Halloween adventures at Gravedigger’s Ball – Riding a Centaur
* Freestyle hiking in Linville Gorge, NC – Getting attacked by a flaming marshmallow 🙁
* Paint parties & 1/2 priced pizza at Dolce Vita
* Slightly entoxicated snoring during Adam Whiting‘s restorative class
* “Man Napkins” – if you write it they will come
* Light up owl – Jenny Herman & Allison Ford
* Celebrating the beginning of 2012 in the Big Apple with my Girls – 18 hours in Time Square to watch the ball drop.

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