Skiing Utah

After arriving at Salt Lake City Airport, Eight of us piled tightly into the rental minivan and headed to the rental house located at the base of the pristine Wasatch Mountains. We claimed our rooms, unloaded all of our belongings and piled back into the minivan to have Dinner at Porcupine Bar & Grill.

The first time visiting Utah was a very pleasant surprise. The mountains are a bazillion times better than anything I’ve ever skied on the east coast. Wide, level, smooth, empty….Not only are there a bunch of vastly different ski resorts to choose from, but each offers a totally different, yet equally incredible skiing (or snowboarding) experience and absolutely breathtaking scenery… I ventured on several blues and a few black trails. The snowfall was over the top and gave us several inches of powder.

Throughout the week we visited Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude. Each mountain truly has something for everyone. It is a thing of beauty seeing a skier/boarder who knows what they are doing, gliding effortlessly down a perfectly groomed trail or through the heavily wooded areas… For some of us, it might look more like a grotesque marionette dance, at the hands of a puppet master suffering from turrets… but you have to start somewhere, and the pursuit of perfection is not such a bad thing to spend your days searching for.

After each exciting, exhausting day we all came home ready to go strong all night and party it up, but at soon as we all piled into the hot tub our bodies felt like blobs of jello and ended up passing out around 10pm to get up the following morning and do it all over again.

The last day a few of us got up bright and early to go Snowmobiling at Snowbird and ended up getting caught in a blizzard during an avalanche warning! As you can see by the snowflake that is eating my face…The snow was really coming down! It was such a blast!

In the evening I met with Jacquelyn and her fiancé Dan, old Skydiving buddies from NC, who just moved to Salt Lake a few weeks ago. They picked me up and we went on a little tour of the town. We ate lunch at Einstein Brothers bagels because we weren’t too “wild” about the Wild Grape and their expensive grub. Then we made our way over to Hatch Family Chocolates to visit Steve from the TV series The Little Chocolatiers. Cutest little guy ever!!

Time flew by pretty quickly and before we knew it, it was time to head back to the East coast.

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