Failure is the mother of all success

My fortune cookie today said “Failure is the mother of all success” ….Somehow in the process of making our way to Fribourg, Switzerland from Basel we took a little detour when the lady at the train station misunderstood me and we ended up in Freiburg, Germany….

We walked around for four hours attempting to go to the locations that our cousin spoke of (examples: the river we would be able to swim in ended up being a creek we could sit and splash in, the music festival that was taking place ended up being a guy on the street corner playing his guitar and the Amazing artwork was nowhere to be found) We called our friend we were supposed to be meeting when we arrived at the McDonalds… the other end of the phone grew silent as we explained the landmarks around us…by the time we were finished she said “Are you in Germany?” …. that would explain why nothing was what it was supposed to be and why we kept seeing the German flag everywhere. We had to backtrack 3 hours and then head 4 hours in the correct direction.

We made it just in time to hear the last couple of bands playing at the music festival we were originally supposed to be at. We hung out with our cousin and his wife and I danced on stage with a guy dressed like Mario for his bachelor party. All in all it was a good day. Bad news was we wasted most of our day, Good news was we got to explore a new city in an unexpected country and finally arrived in Switzerland 7 hours later.


We hung out with our family for the next two days. Visiting castles, the Pre Alps, the town of Gruyères. Swimming in the Zürich and hanging out with the locals. It went by fast and sadly it was time to head back to the States. We took a 2:00am train to the Zürich Airport. When we arrived we had about 8 hours before our plan was scheduled to depart, so we did what we do best…Entertain ourselves 😀  

We hijacked a luggage cart and toured the airport, talking to all of the random people that we saw along the way. We got bored after a while and ended up Camping out for the night in a set of chairs in a corner near our gate. We built a little fortress of chairs, cart and tables and passed out for the night.

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